Product Review – The New Aircast Cryo-Cuff IC Cold Therapy System

Mar 28, 2023 Uncategorized

The utilization of cold treatment in the treatment of intense wounds and post-medical procedure is utilized widely in muscular health and recovery medication. Many individuals are as of now acquainted with the RICE standard of:


By applying these principles following a physical issue or after medical procedure, emphatically decreases the aggravation and expanding related with these circumstances.

Ice or cold is the benchmark for lessening torment. The use of cold decreases aggravation, which is your body’s reaction to stress or injury. Applying cold to a harmed region tightens veins around that area, and dials back the body’s reaction to the injury that has happened. Applying cold to a harmed region likewise numbingly affects the fringe nerves further lessening the impression of agony.

Pressure is an approach to controlling enlarging by diminishing the liquid that pools around a harmed region. Enlarging is a characteristic body reaction to injury, yet extreme expanding can impact the mending season of a harmed region.

Mechanized cold units are gadgets that give delayed cold treatment to a harmed region, or a region that has gone through a medical procedure. The upsides of these units contrasted with cold wraps and gels are various. By keeping a more steady and precise temperature over a significant stretch of time, lessens the opportunity of tissue harm from unnecessary cold temperatures. Since most wraps and cold cushions just last 20-30 minutes at greatest, having a unit give as long as 7 hours of ceaseless virus works on persistent consistence and lessens the requirement for torment drug.

Most chilly units available just give cold cryotherapy chamber install treatment, and not pressure. The best way to accomplish both was to wrap the elaborate region with a pressure swathe and afterward place the virus cushion over the gauze. This obviously lessens the infiltration of the cool treatment to the harmed region.

The New Aircast Cryo/Sleeve IC by DJO, Inc. is an interesting and compact gadget that tackles the two issues.

The unit incorporates a pneumatic siphon inside the coolers cover to give mechanized pressure and cold treatment. A more established adaptation of this gadget called the Autochill put the engine beyond the cooler and didn’t give pressure.

The cooler holds water and ice required for 6-8 hours of cryotherapy. The unit is accessible with a determination of protected limit sleeves that are intended to lessens buildup and spillage, one more typical issue with numerous cool treatment units. The cushions can be detached from the cooler for patient versatility during treatment. The Cryo/Sleeve IC gives a 30 second on/off programmed irregular pressure cycle notwithstanding the chilly treatment. The unit is accessible with Cryo/Sleeves for the lower leg, knee, shoulder, back and hip.

The Aircast Cryo/Sleeve IC joins centered pressure with cold treatment to give ideal control of enlarging to limit hemarthrosis, edema and agony.